It is the mission of the Kirwen Art Company to offer a delightfully inspiring refuge for artists of all skills to congregate and practice their craft, providing access to guidance and fellowship, and current display of their works, as well as the opportunity to participate in juried art shows held throughout the year.


In addition to offering membership to the creative-minded,  KirwenArtWorks offers support services ranging from professional branding, print advertising, and “Off-site” art related promotion, as well as “Artist friendly” legal services by its own in-house lawyer!


KirwenArtWorks offers itself as a “collaborative alternative” for design professionals and the “Salons des ArtCouture.”  We believe that we can market artwork  in an artist friendly manner.   Members are encouraged to participate in our Cooperative Portfolio.

We also do a bunch of other things.


I guess we try to do the right thing….and have fun doing it.